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700 series service outlet box

Made from brass or stainless steel, with solid cast outlet flap and handle to match.

It can accept an infill of any thickness, be it stone, marble, timber, ceramic or carpet. Available with or without a trim flange. Available brushed satin or polished finish. Suitable for cavity or screed floors of 65mm or more.

Please see our "options" page to explain the many product variations in more detail.

Please note that this box is not suitable for wet washing. We do offer a version that is IP65 rated when not in use (patent applied for GB1721965.0). This box must have the sealing plate in place to achieve IP65 rating.

Any size, Any finish


Standard sizes available, but can be made to site specific measurements


Available with either brass or stainless steel lid and frame, with matching solid cast outlet flap


lid recess made to suit flooring thickness

- also available with a flat lid
Stainless finish is supplied brushed as standard. Can also be supplied mirror polished
We can vary the lid recess to suit ANY infill, specify on ordering
We can vary the size to fit ANY service, even the MK commando
We can vary the inner frame to give ANY plug top space (29mm as standard on 65mm and 85mm, 69mm on 120mm deep boxes)
We can vary the depth and connections to suit ANY floor requirement
Can be increased in strength to withstand a safety factor load of 9KN

Trim sometimes required for wood floors to fill expansion gap, please specify when ordering

Supplied as standard without trim flange (specify on ordering if trim required)

Supplied with height adjustable inner frame for on site leveling

Self closing, sold cast outlet flap, designed to open automatically when cables present, patent applied for GB1111031.9

Solid cast handle for easy opening

Available for busbar

With lock if required


Please note that we recommend a minimum depth of 85mm for all Audio Visual applications, with the 120mm deep boxes preferred as having 69mm plug top space and 30-45mm wiring space depending on floor finish in lid

Please advise on order if flange reuqired on frame, or no flange required on base box.

Standard sizes (others to order):
Sbox: Comp Depth Frame Size
7S6† 1 65mm 150x150mm
7S8† 1 85mm 150x150mm
7S2† 1 120mm 150x150mm
716 1 65mm 250x148mm
718 1 85mm 250x148mm
712 1 120mm 250x148mm
726 2 65mm 233x250mm
728 2 85mm 233x250mm
722 2 120mm 233x250mm
736 3 65mm 320x250mm
7M8† 2 85mm 200x200mm
738 3 85mm 320x250mm
732 3 120mm 320x250mm
706 3 65mm 300x300mm
708 3 85mm 300x300mm
702 3 120mm 300x300mm
746 4 65mm 407x250mm
748 4 85mm 407x250mm
742 4 120mm 407x250mm
brass mirror outlet flap
700 series zoomstandard flaps

(Right: mirror polished stainless steel)

(Below: brushed stainless steel)

stainless steel outlet flap
stainless steel outlet flap

Supplied with the Cableduct name on the handle (can be removed as optional extra)

Standard finish supplied is satin stainless steel or brass.

Boxes are also available with a Mirror polished flap and handle, or total Mirror finish.

brass mirror outlet flap
Minima NEW


stainless steel outlet flap
Standard finish - no trim

Note: All stainless steel & brass lids and frames are made to suit your floor. Please specify lid recess when ordering, also if you want a brass or stainless steel finish. Frames come as standard without a trim flange. They can be supplied on request.

Flaps and trim frames can be supplied in a mirror polished finish.

As supplied with trim

We hold a large number of standard bases in stock, with a lead time of a few days to be ready for wiring. Please note that the tops are made to order and are typically available in a few weeks.

As standard these boxes are designed to lay within a base box fitted to the sub floor. Note that the base box of a standard install box is 10mm larger than the frame size stated above. Therefore, if the floor finish is already down we suggest a RETRO type base box that fits within the cut out size required for the stainless or brass trim frame. Please tell the sales team if your finished floor is already fitted. A minimum of 75mm is required from the top of the finished floor to the bottom of the sub floor. This method can also be used for replacing existing floor boxes without re-wiring. All base boxes are suitable for installation into cavity or screed floors.

A small selection of available plates is shown below. For others, including non-standard, 5amp sockets, and RCD protected sockets please click here . Also available is a CAT6 compatible angled date plate, for use with boxes of 85mm or deeper, to allow 50mm bend radius.

Standard plates are made from grey plastisol with white socket interiors. Stainless steel or brass plates, and black or red socket interiors are also available.

To increase available plug top space, either the plate can be dished (affecting single plate only), or the galvanised inner frame can be increased in height (affecting all plates)

Ref 501 Blank plate

Ref 554*

Twin switched socket (561 & 562 RCD TSSO)
Ref 555 Twin un-switched socket
Ref 554-USB


Twin 13 A and USB charger (>= 85 only)

Ref 576 Two 5 amp sockets
Ref 577 Twin 13A and Single 5 amp socket
Ref 558 Two 1 gang accessories
Ref 559 Two 50x50 outlets to suit Euromod modules. See Audio Visual for further information
Ref 561 Twin 13A RCD auto reset **
Ref 562 Twin 13A RCD active reset **
Ref 586 One 2 gang accessory
Ref 591 4 RJ45/LJ6C cutouts 22.4x36.4mm (Modsnap, Hellerman Tyson) (Ref 556 2 cutouts)
Ref 575 1 x SSO and 1 x 1gang
Ref 593 4 x Angled data plate 22.4x36.4mm
Ref 588 Triple switched socket
Ref 590 Triple un-switched socket

* Note our socket plates are off centre, so that when multiple socket plates are used they should be installed facing each other so that the plug tops are staggered when in use.

** Note that we are aware of a problem of some high-powered radio systems interfering with RCD sockets.


Any installations using such systems should contact the Contactum Techical department on 020 8208 7414

† See plates for the 7RS box to suit the 7S 150x150mm, and plates for 7RO box to suit the 7M 200x200mm


Outlet plates

Download specifiers and buyers guide
Installation guide
Adaptable to any situation
For boxes being fitted AFTER the flooring has been put down please call for our RETRO fitting box options
IP65 rated box now available. Please speak to our sales staff.
Please click HERE to have the plethora of options explained in further detail

Pictures of a variety of finishes

Lockable lids available

Now available with a bronze surface finish

Loading test certificate for the 700+ extra strength version of the box

The most prestigious box for the most prestigious location

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