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Using Audio Visual equipment with our range of floor boxes

All of our boxes accept a large variety of  power, data and audio visual connectors. However, some of the audio visual connectors or plugs require substantial space inside the box in order for the lid to close when the outlets are in use. For that reason, we recommend a minimum box depth of 85mm, and where possible to use a 120mm deep base box, which is available in all ranges of floor box.


Below we show modular range of accessories fitting our ref 59 plates. However, any connector can be accommodated with custom made flat or angled plates. A very common cutout is the Neutrik XLR chassis.


Modular face places (our ref 59) have two 50x50mm cutouts. These can each be filled with either a single 50x50 modular outlet, or two 50x25 outlets. Where only one 50x25 outlet is required we can supply blank 50x25 modules to fill the gap.


A range of common modular AV outlets are shown below, many more options such as combined HDMI and RCA outlets are available in the 50x50 modular size. Please ask our experienced sales team who would be pleased to help. Many sockets can be fitted in a 65mm base box. Those that must be in a minimum depth of 85mm are shown with Ψ.
DVI coupler Ψ
F coupler (single or double)


RJ45 (BT, Cat 5e or Cat 6)
Triple TV/ Sat/ Radio

Triple RCA Phono (also available twin RCA red black phono)

As well as AV modules, a large range of power modules are also available to suit the euromod, including:
CEE 7/4 schuko (German) socket
CEE 7/5 (French) socket module
Chinese international module

Mini din banana plugs audio bnc cat 5e vga svga rcap rca phono red yellow white rcs usb xlr HDMI stdvi dvi SVHS st stereo

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