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Savill Garden - Windsor Great Park

A requirement for a high quality, bespoke product...

The most eye-catching new addition to the Royal Landscape is the Savill Building, opened in June 2006, with its undulating roof shaped like a leaf, merging with the tall trees surrounding it.

The design by Glenn Howells Architects uses a grid shell construction, inspired by the strength and beauty of a seashell.

Oak from The Crown Estate's Windsor forest was used for the flooring inside the building. IN order to supply services to the exhibits, it was necessary to place a network of purpose made floor boxes. It was important that they blended in with the surrounding floor, and to achieve this it was imperative that the edges of the box align perfectly with the edges of the planks. Additionally, since they wanted as few items installed in the floor as possible, it was a requirement that the floor service outlet box could be combined to be used as a junction box. Atelier Ten were the Electrical Engineers given the task of finding a solution to achieve this.

Cableduct was asked to provide a floor box that would give adjustability in 3 dimensions, that could be made to suit the 30mm deep oak planks.

Cableduct's 700 series Stainless Steel floor box was used as a standard, but was altered significantly in order to accommodate the building's unique requirements.

Firstly, the overall width of the box was altered to suit the exact width of oak planks used. Secondly, the base was enlarged and an inner frame fabricated that would allow 20mm lateral movement allowing perfect positioning. As with all standard boxes, an inner frame allows height adjustability. The base box was made 120mm deep and provided with a false base, beneath which the flyovers of the junction lay


700 series floor boxes


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