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Flush Floor Screed Trunking

A range of heavy duty floor trunking for use in screed with the lid flush with the finished floor level, giving the flexibility of re-wiring and moving outlet points without disturbing the screed.


Upper surface is a removable cover, either flat or recessed to take floor covering. For recessed lids a stainless steel option is available.


Trunking available in any width, any depth, any compartment


A range of sizes held in stock from 150x25mm to 330x65mm


Floor service outlet boxes can be fitted at any point along the trunking run, at any time after screeding when using trunking at least 55mm deep.


We can adapt both trunking and service boxes to suit your existing installed trunking


All ranges can be fitted with gasket

(Click on images for larger versions)

  Range FF4
- 2 compartment 150mm wide trunking either 25 or 40mm deep
- Stocked with flat lid, also available with recessed
- Can be used to feed floor boxes eg SBOX-2365-FF4


  Range FF12
- 3 compartment 330 x 55mm trunking
- Can be used with 500 and 2000 series floor box
- Floor box references SBOX-FF12-502 / SBOX-2355-FF
  Range FF13
- 3 compartment 330 x 65mm trunking
- Can be used with 500, 2000 or 700 series floor box
- Floor box refernces: SBOX-FF13-503 / 2365-FF / 706-FF (ST or BR)
  Range FF14
- As FF13 but with 6mm recessed lid
- Note that ALL ranges can be made with recessed lid, any recess
  Range FF15
- 4 compartment 440 x 65mm trunking
- Can be used with 500, 700 or 2000 series floor box
  Range FF - Stainless Steel
- Any of these ranges can be adapted to have a stainless steel (or brass) lid and frame, complementing our 700 series range of floor boxes
Common Accessories:
Ref 130 2m length trunking (Click on picture to see more details on accessories)
Ref 131 Flat 90 degree bend
Ref 132 Tee
Ref 133 Cross
Ref 134 Vertical bend
Ref 144 45 degree flat bend
Ref 138 End cap
Ref 151 Leveling bracket



To order quote Range and Part Reference, for example FF12-130 for a 2m length of FF12 profile

For more details on the accessories, including sizes, click here


The trunking should be laid on a supporting flat ribbon of screed to avoid the distortion of the trunking lid.

The lids should be in position when the screed is poured to prevent the distortion of the side walls.


Service Boxes

can be fitted at any point along the trunking run, at any time, for all depths of 55mm or greater


Stewart House

A project requiring new floor boxes to fit existing trunking

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