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This floor box chooser will help you choose from our standard ex-stock range of boxes. Many boxes we supply are more bespoke. Please call us if you have any particular size, depth, plug top space or strength requirements.

SUB FLOOR 1: What floor type do you have? Please select type, then complete the depth
The 500 and 2000 ranges of floor box suit all floor types of 55mm depth or more. The 700 range suits all floor types of 65mm or more (note minimum 75mm from bottom of floor box to top of finished floor). All ranges of our floor boxes can be for Screed or Cavity floors. Boxes of 85mm or more can fit CAT6 compliant data plates
Screed depth (mm)
Box Depth (mm) *
Floor tile depth (mm)
Cavity (mm)
Box Depth (mm)
Board thickness (mm)
Joist height (mm)
Box Depth (mm)

Note, you need a minimum total depth of 55mm to fit a floor box with a lid that will close when in use. If you do not have 55mm, please contact us to discuss your options.

All boxes are designed to be fitted PRIOR to the finished floor surface going down. If your finished floor is already down, please contact us . You will need a RETRO fit box, and there are restrictions on these that we need to discuss with you.

SUB FLOOR 2: How are you going to feed the box?
Placed within a run of flush screed trunking ** Conduit from the sides
Power track Conduit from underneath
In-screed trunking into base of side of box  

* Ex-stock sizes. Others available to order

** Standard flush screed trunking is 55 or 65mm deep. Other depths to order

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Further information on flush screed trunking

Further information on in screed trunking
Further information on cavity floor boxes

Download PDF brochure of floor box ranges


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