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2000 series service outlet box - Award Winner for Innovation Excellence

A high quality, unique floor box with three patented deign features, at budget prices, for any floor type, any accessory plate, any situation, and for screed, cavity, or joist installation.

50 top specifiers were consulted in its design. The result is a box that meets the criteria that are important to you. It is the only box on the market that can be used in any situation. It was the highest scoring box when assessed against key purchasing criteria as published in Electrical & Mechanical Contractor Magazine.

The design, done in partnership with London Southbank University was so innovative with its use of plastics, and approach to design for manufacture that it was awarded the Winner for Collaborative Innovation Excellence at the 2008 London Knowledge Transfer Awards. Three of the unique selling points are patented designs.

For screed or cavity floors of 55mm or more. For Audio Visual installations we recommend the 85mm or 120mm boxes.

Improved Safety - patented design

- spring closed outlet flaps: no stuck up flaps when not in use; no dangerous gaps from lost flaps (patent GB2473156)
- flaps open when cables present and self support to prevent cable damage
Ordering codes:


# comp





2365 3 65mm
2385 3 85mm
2320 3 120mm
2455 4 55mm
2465 4 65mm
2485 4 85mm





Plug top Space










Instant, tool free trim removal for carpet fitting or reversal of outlet flap openings (patent GB2473157)


Adjustable fitting to allow for varying carpet depths*


Available for busbar


Passes point load tests for raised floors. Safety load 900kg


Halogen free, fire retardant PC/ ABS


Locks available

Depth Wiring Space
55 23mm
65 29mm
85 40mm
120 45mm

Saves time and effort during cavity installation - award winning design


Instantly fixes box to floor when pushed in place for any floor tile thickness. No tools or screws needed (Patent GB2440371)


Can be used with pre-finished floor tiles (or any situation when the base box flange sits on top of the floor finish) when 85mm or deeper

When ordering, please specify screed or cavity floor. If screed, please specify conduit or trunking entry.

* The inside lid recess is 6mm. For carpet or vinyl that is less than this, the lid can be packed to suit and the lid and trim adjust downward so that for the 85mm or 120mm deep boxes the unit is even suitable for cavity floor tiles with pre applied floor finish. Note that for the 55mm and 65mm deep boxes the minimum lid recess is 4mm.

SBOX-2385 cavity floor box
SBOX-2365-U3 in screed trunking
SBOX-2365-FF13 flush screed trunking
A selection of available outlet plates are shown below, with the reference for a 3 or 4 compartment box. Other plates, including non-standard and 5amp sockets are available. Standard socket interiors are white: red and black are available. We also provide a CAT6 compatible angled data plate to allow 50mm bend radius, suitable for boxes 85mm or deeper
3 compartment
4 compartment
Blank plate
Twin switched socket *
Two x 1gang accessory outlet
Two 50x50 aperture outlets to accept Euromod Modules. We sell Cat5e and Cat6 outlets to suit. (see also AV outlets)

Twin 13A RCD socket - Auto reset **

(ref 62 Active reset)







Two x 5 amp sockets (65mm min)
One x 2 gang accessory outlet
Triple Un-switched Sockets
4 x RJ45/LJ6C cut outs 22.4x36.4mm (Modsnap & Hellerman Tyson). We also sell Cat5e and Cat6 outlets to suit.
4 x RJ45/LJ6C cut outs 23.5x47.5mm (Alphasnap)
4 x RJ45/LJ6C angled cut outs 22.4x36.4mm (recommended for boxes 85mm or deeper as 65mm deep has restricted space beneath the plate)

Sockets are available switched or un-switched, and as standard on non standard. Other plates, such as 5 Amp and RCD protected sockets also available. Please CLICK for further information

* Available with Scolmore sockets as standard. For boxes 55mm deep a Wandsworth socket must be used, add suffix W after part reference e.g. 2354-W

** Note that we are aware of a problem of some high-powered radio systems interfering with RCD sockets. Any installations using such systems should contact the Contactum Techical department on 020 8208 7414

Download information sheet

Loading test certificate

See the article "transfer window" from the September 2010 issue of the electrical times

The design of this box won the award for Collaborative Innovation Excellence, sponsored by John Laing plc and Thames Valley University

A version of this review was published in Electrical & Mechanical Contractor Magazine, February 07 edition

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