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Floor Boxes

Cableduct has the largest range of standard floor boxes in the industry. We have a floor box to suit any site requirement.



The most discrete floor box available. Suitable for any floor finish.

Patent applied for GB2574175

Available rectangular, round and square

700 Series

The original prestigious floor box with solid cast outlet flaps. Standard finishes are available in brass or stainless steel, for any floor finish.

Available rectangular, round and square


2000 Series floor box

Innovative, award winning design for carpeted areas with integral strength.

500 Series Floor box

Suitable for carpet or vinyl floors, the box is easily adaptable to any situation.


Floor grommets

Circular grommets available in brass or stainless steel. To suit any floor finish.


When even our large standard range does not suit, we can supply your needs


A full range of trunking to complement our floor box ranges.

Floor trunking

Cableduct stocks a range of flush screed and in screed (underfloor) trunking

perimeter trunking

We supply a range of profiles and finishes of skirting and dado trunking.

Surface and lighting trunking

Available in single and multiple compartment

poles and pedestals

We manufacture a range of bench and floor pedestals


Our skilled designers can tailor our products to accommodate any cable management requirements


Product Data Sheets

  • Cableduct

    Cableduct began supplying cable management systems in 1972. Nearly fifty years of experience later it is now the leading supplier of high quality cable management products. We have all of our manufacturing in the UK, enabling us to have direct control over the manufacturing process.

  • Design

    Our sales engineers engage with clients to ensure their anticipated needs are fed into our product design process. Our new 2000 series floor box was designed after conducting over 50 interviews with key floor box specifiers. We were thrilled to be awarded the London Knowledge Transfer Award for Collaborative Innovation Excellence for the design of this box

  • Commitment

    We are proud to have been awarded Best Business for actively managed and consistment growth in the Future Manufacturing Awards 2015, South East.

  • Excellence

    We put effort and skill into everything we do, demonstrated by the performance of our calendar in the National Calendar Awards, an award dominated by Calendar Industry Experts.


Cableduct has the largest range of standard floor boxes in the industry. We have a floor box to suit ANY site requirement. You can view some specific projects here. Additional site installed in floor sockets can be viewed on our gallery

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