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Skirting and Dado Trunking
Skirting and Dado Trunking

We can provide any size, or any number of compartments with a variety of profiles. All lids can be moved into any position, allowing service outlet parts to be placed wherever needed.
Any finish is available: white, self colour (zintec), galvanised steel, powder coated, stainless steel or brass.
We can supply new lids and outlet plates to suit any existing trunking bodies for refurbishment work

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Our standard range of sizes and profiles is as follows:

Rectangular Profile:


150x40mm 2 compartment
(Skirting) H2
(Dado) J2


150x50mm 3 compartment
(Skirting) H3
(Dado) DD3


200x40mm 2 compartment
(Dado) J3


200x50mm 3 compartment
(Skirting) H4
(Dado) DD4

Angled profile:


200x40mm 3 comp profiled
(Skirting) K2
(Dado) KD2


200x50mm 3-comp profiled top and bottom
(Dado) KK4


100x100mm single compartment Bench Trunking V

All ranges with unequal compartment layouts (all except J2) are designed to have socket outlets all aligned and are supplied with knockouts in the partition at 200mm centres.
This enables bodies to be fitted prior to the wiring layout being finalised. For outlet plates fed by an outer compartment please order a ref 72 screening saddle. The partition knockout is removed, and the ref 72 fitted in its place to provide back box segregation

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