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When Burberry was relaunching their flagship store, finish was all important.

In fitting with their designs, each area of the store was fitted with varying exceptional floor finishes. The problem was how to get the required power and data to the displays in keeping with these finishes.

Cableduct designed a range of bespoke boxes, each tailored to the floor finish. See below the tabs showing each individual solution.

The designs have then been rolled out to all new Burberry stores.

Bespoke boxes by Floor Finish


The main central area was being fitted out with 502x111mm parquet flooring. It was imperative that the boxes aligned perfectly with the surrounding planks, but also there were old structural steels beneath the floor that had to be avoided. The floor box was designed as a parallelogram to exactly match the surrounding sections.

A bespoke base box was made giving lateral adjustment, that could fit at a plethora of positions on the main box such that the steels could be avoided whilst not affecting the layout of the parquet.



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