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The 500 SERIES
500 series

With no carpet trim, and recess even in the outlet flaps, the 500 series floor box is totally discrete.The flexible design enables this box to be easily modified to any size, and can easily be adapted to suit any requirement, including being able to fit existing floor trunking.

It is suitable for screed or cavity floors of 55mm depth or greater. For Audio Visual installations we recommend a minimum depth of 85mm. Suitable for carpet, vinyl, resin, or other floor coverings to suit the 6.5mm lid recess, also available with flat lid

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Detailed information about the 500 series.


Standard sizes are shown below that are usually available in a few days. This box can be made to any size and can be made to fit existing installations.

Sbox comp # Depth Frame size Plug top space
516 1 85mm 230x126mm 27.2
518 1 65mm 230x126mm 27.2
526 2 85mm 215x230mm 27.2
528 2 65mm 215x230mm 27.2
504 3 55mm 300x230mm 20.2
506 3 85mm 300x230mm 27.2
508 3 65mm 300x230mm 27.2
546 4 85mm 387x230mm 27.2
548 4 65mm 387x230mm 27.2
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