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Surface and lighting trunking
Surface and Lighting Trunking

We stock a range of sizes from 50x50mm to 150x150mm. We can provide any size to order, in equal or unequal multiple compartments.
Our standard finish is galvanised steel. White, stainless steel or other finishes are available to order.
  • We supply bodies in 2m lengths made from 1.2mm galvanised steel as standard. Other finishes and lengths available
  • We offer a steel lid that can be fitted or removed without disturbing the trunking body
  • We stock a large range of accessories eliminating the need for on site fabrication

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Available profiles:


Ref C20


Ref C20 Multiple Compartment


Ref E20 Weatherproof


Ref B20 Lighting

We stock a range of sizes from 50x50mm to 150x150mm. Other sizes are available to order with short lead times. All sizes are available as equal or non-equal multiple compartment trunking.

To order quote part reference followed by Width x Height in mm, e.g. C20-100x50 for 100mm wide by 50mm deep trunking.

For multiple compartment, please specify compartment spacing if is anything other than equal compartment. Note that for unequal compartment bends may be handed and hand must be specified on ordering.

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