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Pedestal Boxes

We stock a range of pedestal boxes, but can also make any size to order.
We stock them in black and white finishes, but they can be powder coated to any RAL number. We can also supply in brushed stainless steel.

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Reference Description Width Depth Height
Ref 452 452 Single sided one gang 95mm 95mm 60mm
Ref 442 442 Double sided one gang 95mm 190mm 60mm
Ref 454 454 Single sided 2 gang 190mm 95mm 60mm
Ref 459 459 Double sided 2 gang 190mm 95mm 60mm
Ref 458 458 Single sided dual 208*mm 95mm 60mm
Ref 443 443 Double sided dual 208*mm 190mm 60mm
Ref 456 456 Single sided triple 285mm 95mm 60mm
Bespoke units - any combination available to order
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