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2000 series

A high quality floor box with three patented design features. Improved safety, sprung closed outlet flaps (patent GB2473156) make it unique amongst budget floor boxes. Instantly fixes box to floor when pushed in place for any floor tile thickness. No tools or screws needed (patent GB2440371). For any floor type: screed, cavity, or joist installation.

The lid and frame are made from halogen free, fire retardant PC/ ABS. It passes the point load tests for raised floors with a safety load of 900kg

50 top specifiers were consulted in its design. The result is a box that meets the criteria that are important to you. It was the highest scoring box when assessed against key purchasing criteria as published in Electrical & Mechanical Contractor Magazine.

The design, done in partnership with London Southbank University was so innovative with its use of plastics, and approach to design for manufacture that it was awarded the Winner for Collaborative Innovation Excellence at the London Knowledge Transfer Awards.

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Detailed information about the 2000 series.

Standard sizes are shown below that are usually available in a few days. Note plug top space assumes 6mm floor tile. Bespoke depths are available to order.

Base Depth D0 Plug space D1 Wiring space D2
55mm 31mm 23mm
65mm 34mm 29mm
85mm 44mm 40mm
120mm 73mm 45mm
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