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700 series round service outlet box

A round floor box that can uniquely accept an infill of ANY thickness.

The only round service box with a hinged cable outlet flap. Available in Stainless Steel or Brass, and supplied with a solid cast outlet flap (patent applied for GB1111031.9) to suit the diameter of the box.

The lid is usually supplied recessed to accept your floor covering, such as tiles, vinyl or any other floor covering. The lid can also be supplied without a recess, with a flat lid in either brass or stainless steel to suit.

Available in 3 sizes to accommodate anything from a single cleaners socket up to a full 3 compartment box

Suitable for screed or cavity floors

Supplied as standard with base depths of 65mm, 85, and 120mm. Other depths to order

The height adjustable inner frame ensures perfect site leveling. Must be leveled prior to laying floor finish

7RS-Br with optional trim flange

Available in a range of diameters:

7RS-STST fitted in granite

Click here fore buyers guide

Ref Sbox-7RS 127mm diameter

7RO-STST fitted in granite

Click here for buyers guide

Ref Sbox 7RO-193mm diameter

7RL-STST fitted in travertine tile

Click here for buyers guide

Ref Sbox-7RL 289mm diameter

- Single outlet box

Fits in a 155x155mm OD base box, standard depths 65, 85 and 120mm

- Can fit single power socket or 2 RJ45 outlets
- Available as retro fit grommet
- 2 compartment round floor box
- Fits in a 255x238mm OD base box, standard depths 85 and 120mm
- Can fit 2 outlet plates, see round outlet plates for full details
- Available as retro fit, but note reduced plate capability
- 3 compartment round floor box
- Now supplied retro fit as standard, depths 65, 85 and 120mm
- Can fit any 3 of Cableduct's standard outlet plates


Please specify lid recess, base box depth and choice of brass or stainless steel when ordering. The frame can be supplied with outward trim as an optional extra. Note we recommend 120mm base boxes for all AV applications.

The range is available in our 700+ series for higher loading applications. Click for load test information.

Please note that the handles bear the name Cableduct Limited unless otherwise specified. Plain handles are available as an optional extra. The logo that forms a dimple for lifting the handle is embedded.

Some standard outlet plates are shown below. For more options see our plates page.


Blank plate


13A socket


5A socket


1 gang outlet


50x50 Euromod


2 x LJ6C


Blank plate


Twin 13A socket


2 x 5A socket


RCD twin 13A


2 X Euromod


4 x LJ6C


Blank plate


Twin 13A socket


2 x 5A socket


RCD twin 3A


2 X Euromod


4 x LJ6C

* Not available when using retro fit floor box. Note 7RO retro can fit 2 x Unswitched sockets.

Co-ordinates with the 700 series range of floor boxes

See outlet plates

An installation of the Sbox-7RL at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Click HERE for more pictures of the 700 series round box options

See larger image of construction
Load tests for 700+ round boxes
All boxes available as retro fit
See line drawing showing cross section
Adaptable to many situations

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